Generous Feedback 
The concept for our senior exhibit was generated through a series of conversations, thoughts, and interactions. While iterating through different ideas, we realized that the heated and lively discussion that bordered on argument was itself representative of our class. Through the four years of design school, we have each developed a framework for thinking and communicating our worldview and visions, and we wanted to highlight the discourse we have as a social community—our mutual support, challenges, and respect. Generous Feedback is a visual, participatory system that reflects our time together, but is also a snarky take on design critique and design school. After all, is there a more concise, yet all-encompassing way to provide feedback than saying “something’s off”?

The visual identity highlights and acknowledges the importance of the individual while representing our class as a whole. The visual system is built on a participatory, interactive experience—each student first answered a survey regarding their design school experience, then was provided a basic poster and stickers based on their responses. They were then asked to place the stickers on the poster in whatever way they wished—the end result being 36 unique posters.

We also created large posters (24 x 36) that represented the 3 different tracks/specialties of our curriculum—communication, products, and environments design—the three unique sectors of our class. For these posters, we also created a special set of smaller stickers so that we could combine each tracks’ responses into one large data set. In addition to these posters, we created flyers that we pasted around campus (also includes special marketing stickers), a brochure that passed out for the exhibition, as as well as the greater exhibition design that included a lobby space and 2 floors of exhibition space.