Additional Work — The Atlantic, No Plans, Porto Rocha, Base Design

1. When Should You Arrive to a Party? A Quiz — The Atlantic (Not yet published)

A mathematician came to us with an equation for how to calculate when you should arrive to a particular party. I took that equation and designed and interactive quiz around it, as well as comissioned 7 little spot illustrations from Tom Bingham for each question in the quiz. 

1A. The Atlantic — Experimental Storytelling ideas
These were a couple of ideas I had for 1) a landing page for collection of stories with a recurring column, and 2) a story about soundscapes in cities and during Covid.

2. Website made with No Plans Studio for a blockchain geolocation company Foam. (Not yet published)

3. Website for studio Porto Rocha’s end of year round up ︎︎︎

Porto Rocha’s website is inspired by Apple Design, so we extended that language to create a calender look-back at all their accomplishments for the year.

4. Website designed with Base Design for new charity foundation Hostetler/Wrigley ︎︎︎

Worked with Base Design’s branding team to come up with a digital and interactive language for Hostetler/Wrigley. Helped code multiple interactive sketches in coming up with the final design.

I coded these interactive sketches below ︎︎︎