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Hi, my name is Shannon Lin. I enjoy doing a variety of things in the graphic design and interaction design realm, as well as illustration. Usually working in editorial (or related). I can code things up in HTML, CSS and Javascript ❇️

Right now, I’m mostly making illustrations (and developing a visual editorial language) for Netflix.

Previously worked with:

➀ The Atlantic (Experimental Storytelling)
➁ The New York Times Magazine
➂ Freelance Clients: Base Design, No Plans, Porto Rocha, + more
➄ The New York Times (Digital News Design Fellow)
➆ Boon Design  

Please contact me at 
this email for collabs or freelance!

Resume (2022)︎︎︎

Digital Editorial (mostly NYT)︎︎︎

A living room to hang out with friends in, complete with air conditioning︎︎︎
Turn fonts into music︎︎︎
Draw with emoji pixels︎︎︎
My resume︎︎︎

Selected Design Work:
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Some Illustration: 

Halloween Poster

Satanic Summer Sessions
Waxing Poster

Satanic Summer Sessions

Some Art Direction: 

Earlier Work: